Intensive Driving Lessons in Doncaster

Learn with custom intensive driving courses around Doncaster

Intensive Drive are a driving school dedicated in delivering intensive driving courses & lessons for the areas of Doncaster in South Yorkshire. With a team of experienced driving instructors teaching good modern ways for driving cars you can learn in a matter of weeks, all with properly structured training.

Intensive courses are becoming increasingly popular with our driving school in Doncaster. Many learners are looking for a safe, yet fast solution to obtain a full drivers licence and enjoy the freedom of the road.

Your fully qualified instructor will train you properly to a good high standards. Registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency – DVSA, our team follow the best practises to make sure learners are comprehensively prepared for the road. We’ll show you how to put the highway code rules of the road into practise and teach safe easy to follow routines. ¬†Properly planned and effective training help people to pass the driving test first time.

Intensive driving lessons in Doncaster with the driving school normally lasts for about 1 to 6 weeks. This depends on how quickly you would like to learn, the intensity you can manage and testing availability.

Before taking an intensive driving course an instructor will firstly give you an assessment drive. This is just a 2 hour lesson where they will be able to see any current skills you have. After the assessment the instructor will have a clearer view of what is required and how much training you will need to get to safe a testing standard.

Take an assessment drive with us for just £35

You can expect fun, quality intensive driving courses with us. Training is carried out in a calm and friendly environments which aim the help learner drivers to learn better. The training vehicle have dual controls as well as being fun and easy to drive.

Learning With Intensive Driving Courses

Well, some people learn better with weekly lessons and many other learn better with intensive driving courses. Often there are many cases where learners simply haven’t the time to train weekly due to commitments, but can fit in a short fast pace course. Some learners are looking to pass quickly for work reasons and others for social reasons. This is just a few and there are many reasons learners choose to learn intensively around Doncaster.

Another key benefit of intensives are simply because training in planned closely together and is much longer in duration. Because of this, you may find you can retain skills and information better.

Working alongside professionally experienced driving instructors in Doncaster we would like to guide you along to test success. To find out how you can learn with us, or for more information simply contact us. We’ll be very happy to assist you.